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Besze Ferenc

Impressionist Watercolourist

Master of Mood and Light

Ferenc Besze (FAIR-ense BEH-seh) was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. His love for art surfaced early in his childhood, when Ferenc filled all his textbooks with drawings to the frustration of his teachers, and parents. Ferenc's passion continues until this day.Today, Ferenc transfers his passion to his students by teaching watercolour, which is his primary medium.This talented, award-winning watercolourist prefers to express himself in an impressionistic style, focusing on the essence of the subject, rather than dwelling on details. He likes all subject matter equally, such as a peaceful landscape or a busy city scene.He accomplishes his unique wide range of colour with a surprisingly limited palette, and maintains economy of design. His free-flowing spontaneous style brings out the beautiful characteristics of watercolour. His technique is influenced significantly by traditional as well as impressionist masters.Watching Ferenc paint, the viewer is deceived by the effortless brush handling, which makes it look so easy. However, if someone has tried watercolour would know that is not the case. Quite the opposite.His paintings are in private collections in the United States, and in Europe. Ferenc has also exhibited locally, nationally and internationally. Ferenc's paintings have also won numerous awards. His work was featured in the millennium issue of the International Artists Magazine, Master Painters of the World section.

Ferenc is a signature member of the Society of Western Artists, and an active supporter of different fundraisers, which benefit humanitarian causes.